Super Sized Gold gift basket

Super Sized Gold gift basket
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  • Item #: super sized gold gift basket

WOW !!!  This gourmet gift basket is super sized to wow the recipient!!!

The extra large size gold market tray is super filled with an amazing bevy of gourmet goodies. This beautiful, impressive gift basket is perfect to send to an office group, a very special client, a realtor closing gift, a family for a celebration gift, or someone deserving of your great appreciation.


Contents include:  artichoke garlic tapenade and crackers, brie cheese spread, cranberry white chocolate cookies, roasted peanuts, tortilla chips and gourmet salsa, Kind healthy snack bars, lemon drops, Napa Valley sourdough snack bites, caramel popcorn, roasted pistachios, stuffed olives, gourmet snack mix in a gift bag with bow, Kettle jalapeno chips, lemonades, amazing chocolate walnut fudge in its own gift box, honey mustard pretzels, and gourmet Turkish apricots.  Also included is a classy box of southwest theme blank notecards that we get great reviews for including. However, if you want more food items in place of the notecards, just call us at 480-993-4387 with your request. 


The gift is truly beautifully enhanced with designer cellophane and a gorgeous bow. You will be appreciated!

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