Off to the Beach

Off to the Beach
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When you want to send an upbeat, fun gift to say "thank you", Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary, Bon Voyage, Congratulations, or "hang in there", this Hawaiian theme gift basket has what you need for a day at the beach or pool or just to feel special!

To start the day, enjoy the organic Zen Blend coffee. Before heading out for a great day, protect your skin with the amazing Arizona Sun non-greasy Sunsports water resistant sunscreen.  Snacks for the day include 100% natural iced tea, gourmet popcorn, all natural and vegan cashew crunch snacks, and "Seabreeze" themed savory snack mix. After a day in the sun,  Hugo Naturals shea butter and oatmeal (vegan and gluten free) all over lotion will soothe skin after a day in the sun. This beach or pool gift basket, with great items and enhanced with dancing butterflies,  will definitely brighten one's day!
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