Ladybug Tote

Ladybug Tote
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This red nylon tote cooler with top insulated compartment and plastic container inside the polka dotted zipped bottom is a great gift for any occasion!  Not only will a child love this special tote, but also included is an adorable matching ladybug plush toy! This insulated tote really holds a lot in the two compartments and it has a side pocket for napkins, money, keys, or even the stuffed plush ladybug!


The ladybug tote and plush make a great child's gift for Valentines Day
gift, birthday gift, Easter gift, or back to school gift!   

The top of the cooler has an embroidered ladybug.We also include a red and black adorable ladybug plush. 6 1/2"H Measured from top of head to bottom of foot.

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