Tanya Heath’s Interchangeable Heels Make Dressing up Easier than Ever

Rushing from your cube to the bar after work, but don’t have the shoulder strength (or the time) to lug another pair of shoes along with you? To the rescue: The Ottawanian turned Parisian Tanya Heath, who has created a line of interchangeable heels to help the well-heeled traveller and anyone looking to pack lots of style smartly. Her line has 10 styles of sandals and pumps and more than 30 kinds of heels at all different heights to mix and match.

Her new store recently opened in Toronto’s posh Yorkville neighbourhood (138 Cumberland Street #7) and is bringing a bit of Canadian French-inspired fashion to the city. Snap on a trotter, Cuban, stiletto or kitten heel just like that in every colour and pattern you can dream of. Prices start at $495 for shoes and $55 for heels.

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