Vegan Basket

Vegan Basket
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The Happy Vegan Basket
If you think it would be impossible to be vegan, this vegan gift basket proves there are lots of options from pastas to soup to grains and noodles to snacks and cookies.
Contents include all vegan items (no animal/cheese/dairy ingredients):
Sweet Potato chips, Mary’s Gone Crackers Organic Sticks and Twigs Chipotle Tomato vegan pretzel snacks, Italian polenta, Maifun Rice Stick noodles, Annie Chuns Miso Soup Bowl, 100% Duram wheat rigatoni pasta, Organic Tomato Basil Pasta Sauce, Arthurs vegan chocolate chip cookie mix, short grain brown rice, Lucy’s vegan oatmeal cookies, Lucy’s chocolate chip cookies, and Lucy’s Cinnamon Thin cookies, and yummy Seed and Fruit Mix. We also included an oval  blue/green plaid printed metal planter which the recipient can used for potted herbs or flowers. (The colorful planter measures 13” long by 8” deep and 7” high).
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